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Freedom of the Hills...

Wasootch Peak
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Dates:                                                   Late Winter 2006: April 16, 2006:

                                                            November 2006 

Participants:                                          Solo: Author and Carrie: Author and 

                                                            Linda: Author, Wietse and Antri

Distance:                                              5km

Elevation Gain:                                      915m

Maximum Elevation:                              2350m

Elapsed Time:                                       3:30 to 6:00

Published Routes:                                 None

Published Rating:                                  None

Difficulty - Endurance:                           4

Difficulty - Technical:                             3 (3.5 winter)


I attempted this peak twice before in poor winter conditions and was stopped the first time about 50% of the way up due to a lack of comfort in the party and then a second time solo at about 60% of the way up due to bad weather and route finding problems in the deep snow.  On April 16, 2006 Linda and I made it (almost) to the summit.  A cornice, icy rock, exposure and severe wind stopped us just shy of the cairn.


In November of 2006, Antri, Wietse and I blazed up this mountain and tagged the summit cairn.


The pictures below are from several different trips.


Antri soloing a short low 5th class pitch on the ridge.  I ascended a bit more to the right in the corner [Last Trip]


Going light, bowline/kiwi coil and a running belay using some rock ribs and trees for friction while coming down from the very icy rock behind me. [First Trip]


Looking back at the ascent ridge from the upper scree slopes[Last Trip]


Wietse on the upper scree slopes with Nakiska in the background [Last Trip].


Wietse on the exposed summit ridge.  Extremely poor conditions and a large cornice stopped Linda and I here on a prior trip.


Wieste about to down climb from the summit ridge [Last Trip].


Standing on the rock solid frozen creek near the beginning of the climb [First Trip].  On my second trip the creek had overflown its bank and I bailed pretty badly on the ice in full view of traffic going down Hwy. 40