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Freedom of the Hills...

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Date:                                                    July 29, 2006

Participants:                                          Author and Matt

Distance:                                              Est. 5km

Elevation Gain:                                      Est. 650m

Maximum Elevation:                              Est. 2300m

Elapsed Time:                                       Est. 4:00

Published Routes:                                 Daffern

Published Rating:                                  Hike

Difficulty - Endurance:                          2.5

Difficulty - Technical:                            2.5 (our [off]-route, 3 in spots)


Chihuahua madness! It was a hot day and friends were in town visiting with their Chihuahua Otto.  So instead of a more rugged trip we decided to hit an easy hike (relatively speaking) and climb an unmanned in and around the north fork of Upper Canyon Creek as described in Daffern’s trail guide [Vol. 2 #331].  Opting to only take one of my dogs to join Otto, Matt and I, I picked Zoe, my younger fawn coated Chi.  Karlie, my other dog, a black coated Chi, unfortunately stayed at home but got to visit the dog park later that day.


We decided to just wing it and didn’t check out the route at all, so (of course) we ended up getting into some very loose 3rd class terrain in which Matt bailed and slid down about 20 feet and I almost knocked Zoe off a semi-exposed section due to rock fall.  Needless to say we bagged our dogs and got the heck outta there pretty quick.  No place for little dogs!  Although I am sure that the dogs are probably a heck of a lot more sure footed than either of the two clowns that were leading them around that day.


Zoe, who has been on a number of hikes with me (Pigeon Mtn., Barrier Lake L/O, Raspberry Ridge etc.) would probably have gone on to the summit but Otto wasn’t digging it due to the wind and heat so we turned around within sight of our destination.


BTW, I know two dudes and a pack of Chi's may look a little strange.... errrr (cough) Matt and I are both married, LOL.


Zoe the 6 lb. scrambling phenom!


Matt and Otto getting into some 3rd class terrain.


The Zoe-ster after almost getting knocked off the ledges.  Time to pack up the mutts and and bug out!


Matt and Otto making their way back onto safer terrain.


The good thing about Chi's is that they will fit in a small day pack (and Otto is a dang big Chi at 10lbs!)


So close...


Zoe and I do a little bouldering ...