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Freedom of the Hills...

Forgetmenot North
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Date:                                                    September 9, 2006

Participants:                                          Author and Karlie

Distance:                                              Approx. 10km

Elevation Gain:                                     Approx. 650m

Maximum Elevation:                              2332m

Elapsed Time:                                       4 hours

Published Routes:                                 Daffern

Published Rating:                                  Day Hike

Difficulty - Endurance:                          3

Difficulty - Technical:                            2 (stream crossing 2.5)


Having to get back to work I thought that a quick, close hike may do the trick.  I took Karlie my Chihuahua with me.  I really didn’t pay too much attention to the directions so we parked in the first lot, cut around Forgetmenot Pond and then forded the river at a calm flat spot (easy as the water was only knee deep, I carried Karlie over).  We then bush whacked a bit until we stumbled upon the trail heading up to a ridge west of Forgetmenot’s North end.  The trail follows some minor cliffs that can be seen from the highway.  In fact it would appear that a moderate scramble from the highway North of the objective would get you on the ridge.  There appear to be some trails that zigzag up to the cliffs and some (rather well used) trails that go up near the rocky drainage between Forgetmenot North and the ascent ridge.  It would seem apparent that a scramble trail exists here and has been relatively well used.  To add interest, I put Karlie in my backpack and we dropped below the cliffs traversed a ways and then came up on some 3rd class rock.  On one particular section that had some mild exposure I could hear Karlie, grunting in my pack behind me.  She likely sensed that I was a bit tense, nevertheless It was an interesting reaction.  The trail follows the lower ridge south and then circles around over the source of the drainage and back north to Forgetmenot’s wide North end. I would recommend this little trip.


Looking back across the water at our crossing point.


The good trail that we found leading up to the ridge.


The trail goes to the right of the crest, Karlie and I dropped below this to do a bit of hands on.


Karlie went into the backpack as we climbed back up to the ridge here.


We find a cairn.  Karlie guards a stick that is too big for her.


The objective as seen from the lower ridge.


At the summit looking west into the fire and fog haze.


We missed this on the way up due to our detour.  This is the famous rock tree.


This is the view of the route from along the highway as you approach Powderface Trail.