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Freedom of the Hills...

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Hiking” is a form of walking (sometimes known as hill-walking), undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring the outdoors. It usually takes place on trails in the wilderness.


Scrambling” is a method of ascending and descending steep terrain. It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hiking and technical climbing.  It is often distinguished from hiking by defining a scramble as a route where hands must be used.  There is less to distinguish it from climbing, with many easy climbs sometimes referred to as difficult scrambles.  Ropes may be necessary on harder scrambles, though sustained use of rope and belay probably counts as technical climbing.


"Via Ferrata" from the italian, literally meaning 'iron way', via ferrata are well-protected routes made of iron rods, steps and wire cables fastened to the rocks. These allow the adventurous walker into the domain of the climber, by clipping themselves safely onto the via ferrate using harnesses, ropes and so on. A tame example being the crux on Yam or the backside of the Stawamus Chief, 2nd peak.


Technical Climbingclimbing requiring use of ropes, protection and fixed belay anchors on either rock or ice. This form of climbing includes any sustained climbing where the arms are used to pull upward rather than being used solely for balance.


Mountaineering” is the activity of climbing mountains and is sometimes also known as alpinism, particularly in Europe. It may be said to consist of two main aspects, rock-craft and snow-craft, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock or over snow and ice.  Mountaineering it it's broadest sense encompasses the above terms, but is probably best described as difficult scrambling or technical climbing in a remote alpine environment.

Warning:  The activities discussed and depicted in the site are inherently dangerous.  If your choose to engage in activities discussed or depicted on this site you do so at your own risk and you agree to indemnify and save harmelss the author. The author provides no assurances whatsoever as to the accuracy of the information presented herein.

The author on the ascent ridge of Wasootch Peak, courtesy L. Breton

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