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Freedom of the Hills...

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Date:                                                    April 9, 2006

Participants:                                          Solo (met Peter)

Distance:                                              Approximately 5.5 km

Elevation Gain:                                     Approximately 790m (net)

Maximum Elevation:                              2570m

Elapsed Time:                                       Approx. 3:40

Published Routes:                                 Kane

Published Rating:                                  Easy

Difficulty - Endurance:                          3.5

Difficulty - Technical:                            2.5 short sections of 3 (alpine 3.5)


On April 9, 2006 I climbed EEOR in alpine conditions. I had the good fortune of running into a fellow from Canmore named Peter about 50% of the way up who had done EEOR many times and he guided me up the remainder of the hill (thanks Peter). Peter was not originally going to attempt the summit but decided to assist me in getting there. It appears that we were the first on the summit that day and perhaps that weekend.

A party of two women ahead of us turned back due to one of them wiping out on an icy rock. She was bleeding in the snow but I don’t think it was serious. Peter suggested that we stick to the Kane ascent ramp and not try the slightly exposed Daffern route to the south as there was a fair amount of snow and ice lying about. Even the Kane ramp route was iffy on the down climb due to the verglas. Peter didn’t have any crampons so we did it bare boot which made it slow going.

All in all the route was pretty much a hike but for the slippery ramp and the summit nub. I liked the route more than I thought I would but it is definitely not in any sort of top trip list.




Upper mountain, Kane route.


Upper mountain, Daffern route.


The "crux" due to verglas.


The top of Kane's ramp, taken on descent, note our tracks.




Descending back into Kane's ramp.  Due to alpine conditions we had to face in to access the ramp given snow and ice.


Negotiating the "crux" on return, where the previous party fell on ascent.